Align With Your Soul and Create a Life Filled with Passion, Meaning and Purpose. 

 Re-unite with your deepest wisdom and discover what makes you feel fully alive, discern clarity on the path forward, and ignite the passion, meaning and sense of purpose you’ve been yearning for.

While the details of your situation and life experiences are unique, the principles of resolving a Soul Crisis are universal. 

The Soul Crisis Solution (TSCS) is system of 7 Key Principles that fuse evidence-based scientific methods with spiritually aligned wisdom and tools that empower you feel fully alive, while experiencing greater vitality and fulfillment.

What you sense is possible is. And if you’re feeling lost and unsure what to do or where to turn to, I get it. I’ve been there. I can assure you, there is clarity seeking to emerge. Together we’ll unlock your unique truth and the path forward will reveal itself. Your greatest possibility is awaiting you!

Package of 3 Soul Sessions –
Clarity and Empowered Action 

Are you seeking clarity on a significant decision? Do you find yourself wondering what to do, mulling over and over again what is best for you and others, and unsure of the best path forward?

Navigating vital inflection points in your life can be confusing, over-whelming, and sometimes harder than necessary. And what I believe deeply, is that you already know your answer within. Your Soul voice wants to guide you to the highest outcome but gets masked at times with active mind chatter, a sea of others opinions, and ever present external pressures.

Join me in this focused catalytic process to align with your Soul. Achieve the clarity you seek, feel confident and at peace with your decision, and leave with a targeted plan and traction already under-way to bring forward what you most desire and the highest, greatest good.


Hear the voice of your Soul
Live in alignment with your deepest wisdom and truths.
Realize the greatest possibilities for your life.

 6 Month Package – In Sync With Your Soul:

With this multi-month option, you are steeped in the blueprint of TSCS with dedicated sessions aligning to each of the seven key principles for resolving your Soul Crisis.

You’ll receive personal guidance in deeply learning the principles and tools, integrating the practices into new habits, and support with specific challenges or aspirations you have. I’ll be with you every step of the way as you learn how to listen, trust and act upon the most reliable guidance available to you – the voice of your Soul. 

You are ready! You’ve been feeling this restlessness, and yearning…the persistent feeling that something is missing. Your tried and true approaches that have offered you value, perhaps even great value, in the past are no longer working.

Let’s create a break through to a greater possibility for your life!

*Each package is customized to your unique situation and presenting challenges. All include a 2 hour immersion kick start, check-in’s between sessions, email support and at minimum 10 sessions.