Earnings & Results Disclaimer



Here is the deal!  I am always beyond delighted to receive feedback from clients who report significant benefits from our work together.  You probably took a spin through the testimonials and read about some of the awesome results or inspired life changes experienced.  Having said that, I cannot guarantee any results. You get it, right? I can’t guarantee job promotions, new jobs, improved relationships, enhanced self-love, greater well-being, improved energy or health… Nothing really.  Creating desired change and achievement of goals involves numerous factors that are beyond my control, including but not limited to your commitment and consistency with effort, energy, mind-set, and other resources such as money, skills, a strong support system, health, and, I believe, support from the Universe.  Ultimately you are responsible for your life and how you respond to circumstances. So, the proper legal disclaimer is: no warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied on this website, the digital product audio files, PLAYbook, webinars, or individual or other services or products of Jeanine Thompson LLC and its principal and founder, Jeanine Thompson, contributing guest hosts and guest writers.