Terms of Use


The following terms of use apply to your purchase and use of Jeanine Thompson LLC products and coaching services. Our products and coaching services are only available under these terms and by purchasing any one of them, you agree to the applicable terms.


  • Your investment is for you! It is intended solely for your use and you agree that you will not copy, re-produce or modify, or transfer any information shared with you. If you participate in a group format, you agree that you will not copy or share access numbers or Internet links to, or make them available to, others.
  • If a webinar and/or group coaching call is recorded, they will be available for re-play for 12 months post the date of the event.  Understand that if you call in with a question during the calls, you can choose to remain anonymous or choose to identify yourself by first name only.  Those who post questions via the Internet in the Q&A box will need to check the remain anonymous box or change names to protect your personal identification. You grant Jeanine Thompson LLC the right to use all aspects of your participation in these calls and recordings and agree that our company owns all rights in and to the audio recordings.  You waive any right to inspect or request changes to recordings.

  • You acknowledge and agree that I am not practicing as a licensed psychotherapist and I am not a doctor. Any strategies, tools, tips and information I share are simply approaches and perspectives I have found valuable and am sharing with others.  You are your own best teacher. The path you choose must be your own. And of course, as always, you are responsible for whatever choices you make. You release and will indemnify Jeanine Thompson LLC and its employees, affiliates and agents from any and all claims that you have or may have, arising out of or related to our interaction together, or your use and participation in High Performance Coaching, Executive Coaching 2.0, Leadership Assessments, The Soul Crisis Solution® Course, Individual or Group Coaching, webinars or any other products and services of Jeanine Thompson LLC.